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Pastranscor will assess the client’s needs from a branding perspective, and provide a unique brand activation solution.
The advantage of using Pastranscor for your brand activation is that you are using a one stop shop, our procedure is as follows:
Hear it, think it, design it - supply it! Pastranscor saves you costs by cutting out external creative and design fees as all brand activation is done in house.

We are able to hire or manufacture a vehicle to fit in with your brand. Be it a bus, car, yacht, train aircraft or helicopter.

We have successfully assisted many companies with their brand activation campaigns! Let Pastranscor impress you with our innovative ideas!

Activate your brand today with Pastranscor!

Brand Activation - Mobile Advertising - Branding on the Move - Brand Activation Campaigns!


Pastranscor brings you.... Gig rigs & mobile stages built to your specific requirements! Promotional vehicle hire at is very best!

In order to help our clients achieve maximum exposure to their target market, we have formed a “Media on the Move” concept. Pastranscor will arrange a vehicle, brand it with the clients identity, organise the driver and attend to all the behind the scene task and activities when it comes to launches, events, road shows and activations.

When it comes to providing a mobile stage or a gig rig for you to use for your companies marketing and branding, Pastranscor is able to custom design you the perfect mobile stage to meet your specific needs. Our “Out of the box” attitude combined with service excellence means that you get an outstanding solution to match your exact marketing needs.

Contact our Promotional vehicle hire department today to discuss your requirements and allow Pastranscor to assist you in getting ahead!

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