Air Charter

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a rapid response to air charter and lease enquiries and are able to have an aircraft airborne within two hours of notice.

Currently we represent a fleet of corporate and VIP jets, regional and trans-continental airliners and freighters that can fly out of anywhere. We also endeavour to provide our clients any other aircraft of their choice be it from a five passenger Lear 45 all the way to a Boeing 777, there is no aircraft that is out of our reach or means and we will always deliver. We are also one of the the only aircraft companies that will fetch and drop off passengers for their flights at no extra charge.

Our model is simple there is always a supply for a clients demand. We will always supply our clients an aircraft that will be safe, comfortable and reliable. Our combined experience in the passenger transport industry includes Ground, Air and Sea transportation and we are able to sort out all of our client’s global logistical needs.

We do not only provide services in South Africa but we will supply aircraft regionally as well as internationally. Our team of experts are able to arrange aircraft for evacuations, conferences, deployments, vip meetings, sports and event team groups, government delegations, celebrity, executive and VIP visits and tourism assignments. We also cater for large deployments such as Hajj and Umrah.


Air Charter is appealing to a wide variety of target markets, some examples are a government delegation which needs to travel together, a VIP who needs to get to that urgent business meeting on time, a tour group which needs to travel as a group to that unseen destination, a deployment of soldiers or staff for an urgent assignment or project, a rescue mission or evacuation which involves a large amount of emergency personnel, diplomats, ministers and executives on the move, incentives, celebrities jet setting around countries they have events, meetings, projects and assignments in, sports teams who need to get to the destination of the training session and match quickly. Government delegations attending international sporting events and conferences as well as emergency meetings and seminars.

There are many ways to travel around these days however an air charter makes it far more convenient, reliable, comfortable and smooth. When clients book an air charter they are assured a time of flight of their preference, an aircraft of their preference, no large queues when waiting to board an aircraft, great food choices, access to inaccessible places where roads are sub standard and a quick in and out of places without having to wait hours due to delays etc.

Pastranscor is able to arrange all of your air charter needs including helicopters, executive jets, airliners and cargo planes. We offer a wide range of fixed wing, jet engine and turbo prop aircraft and will make sure that we provide you with the correct aircraft for your use.

We provide a wide selection of aircraft ranging from the single engine Bell 206 Jet Ranger all the way until the Boeing 777 Dream liner.

We are able to dispatch some of our aircraft within two hours of written confirmation and payment. We are on call 24/7 and will always be there to attend to our client’s requests.

We can provide aircraft on a global basis for all of our clientele and are one of the few air charter companies that are able to have an aircraft airborne within three hours.