Sports and Exotic Car Hire

Hire a sports car – Exotic car rental – Hire a convertible – Exotic car rental! – Sports and Exotics by Pastranscor

By the time you have finished reading this sentence you will probably realise that there are sports and exotic cars that have driven past you and back before the full stop. Pastranscor are able to supply these “dream” vehicles for leisure rentals, launches, activations, filming and events.

Do you wish it was you driving a sports car for a day? Call Pastranscor today to get a quote and let us make your dreams come true, if only for a day!

Now it’s time to recite your abc’s from a – z: from Aston Martin to Zenvo – your wish is our command!

Not all sports and exotic vehicles that we have access to are listed on this site, so please enquire with your nearest Pastranscor office.

Pastranscor can arrange daily, weekly or monthly rates for your exotic car rental or sports car hire.

All sports and exotic cars are rented out with full comprehensive insurance!

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