Bulletproof and Armoured Vehicles

Pastranscor is able to supply armoured and bullet proof vehicles and cars, ranging from level b4 to level b7, we have chosen to leave out levels b 1, 2 and 3 as we care for our clients safety and feel that these levels are inadequate for the appropriate level of protection required in the world we live in today!

The word armoured does not mean that these vehicles and cars are impenetrable as some others in this industry currently believe! Pastranscor is able to provide our clients with the full specification of what ammunition and rounds the armoured vehicles that we supply are able to resist.

Fully trained and armed close protection officers (known as bodyguards) may be requested to escort or chauffeur clients in our armoured, bullet proof luxury vehicles and cars. These bodyguards are highly trained and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including tactical and law enforcement agencies.

Upon request, background information on the close protection officers can be provided to our clients

Please note that if requested, we can supply female close protection officers.

We are always able to tailor make and supply executive protection solutions for a client based on the advice from industry leading security advisors.

Our armoured fleet ranges from luxury armoured sedans and SUV’s up until heavily armoured military SUV’s.

Pastranscor has provided bullet proof cars & armoured vehicles to a range of different industries and sectors. To mention a few:

Top business executives.

  • Government officials, dignitaries & Presidents.
  • Sport, music and film Celebrities.
  • People in uncertain circumstances.